See how investors view your business.

The Capital Report unveils how investors view your business through a collection of analytics and insights that evaluate your capital efficiency. AI powered risk analytics fuel Capital’s underwriting technology and deliver key learnings from a macro-economic lens. The result is a financial blueprint of your business and the financing terms needed to power its performance.


Financial insights

Compare your existing financing options with those offered by Capital. Use this comparison in investor discussions and when planning for the future.

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Capital efficiency made easy

Understand your business through multiple scenarios. See how replicating your best, worst and median historical performance causes your business to evolve into the future.

See customized recommendations for ways to optimize your capital structure & allocation - from what terms you might qualify for to how to accretively refinance.



Capital Monitoring

See your performance evolve over time and receive recommendations from our capital investments team to drive peak performance.

Receive ongoing offers for additional funding when your performance merits better terms due to a reduced risk profile.

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Investor Recommendations

Based on your risk profile and business objectives, understand where best to source equity to complement that offered by Capital.


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See key analytical insights and potential financing options of up to $50M.