Capital is equal parts high finance and Silicon Valley technology.

We believe that all companies should be empowered to see their businesses as clearly as seasoned investors do. We believe that with the right tools, accessing institutional capital can become as predictable and efficient as buying a product on Amazon.

Most investment firms do not have R&D budgets. Capital is set up at the intersection of tech and finance to solve capital access problems in an automated and tech-enabled way.

We know that more transparent capital access unlocks a more bountiful and fair economy. We know that every qualified company should be able to raise the capital they need to flourish without bias or friction. We know that when they can, everyone benefits from a more transparent and efficient economy.



Capital is headquartered in New York City, the global intersection for tech and finance. Its founding leadership team consists of business strategists, financing partners, engineers and data scientists.

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Our mission is to power entrepreneurship through equitable and transparent financing.

We believe the current fundraising process is unnecessarily tedious.

Funding is the fuel that fires growth in our economy, and yet there’s no place where companies can go to demystify how an investor thinks about their business before running a 6-month fundraising experiment. With the fate of a company riding on successful capital access, we think this is ridiculous.

We believe in owners keeping control of their companies.

Today, a founder raising capital on average gives away 70% of her equity pool to venture capitalists after just four financing rounds. Banks used to fund new businesses but have been hampered by onerous post-recession regulation and do little more than fund mortgages these days. Capital does what banks should - provide non-dilutive capital to novel businesses fueling the entrepreneurship that moves our economy forward.

We believe in power to the entrepreneurs.

We’re building financial services for a new economy where companies can get a free transparent analysis of their business with Fortune 500 quality analytics before running a fundraising process. They can then receive institutional quality financing offers for $5-50 million in a few clicks from Capital.


We live at the intersection of tech and finance.

The Capital Machine looks at financial data from an unbiased vantage point. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to surface pockets of profitability which if doubled down on can drive business success. The result is a blueprint for smart resource allocation accompanied by a term sheet to power those plans. The Capital Machine is digital native and produces sophisticated financial analysis for companies in under 24 hours.


We’re hiring.

We are a team of passionate and intellectually diverse individuals, who are building financial services that help companies grow to their full potential. We believe that fast, fair, and equitable access to financial intelligence can level the playing field for high performing and high potential companies at any stage in their lifecycles.