Our Most Frequently Asked Questions




What kind of funding does Capital provide?

We provide non-dilutive capital to companies in deal sizes of $5-50 million dollars for one flat fee.

How is capital different from other financing options?

Unlike venture capital, Capital allows owners to avoid dilution while accessing growth capital. Companies that plug into Capital have access to Capital’s analytics system and receive ongoing updates on their capital allocation, including whether they are creating or destroying value in their business.

Can I use Capital’s funding in replacement of venture capital?

Capital is a great compliment, and in some cases alternative to venture capital. Despite the $137B invested into companies by venture last year, many companies do not fit the venture model and have had limited alternative options. We provide flexible funding that can be used for many of the same things venture capital financing goes towards which includes sales and marketing to inventory needs to acquisitions and more.

Where does this investment come from?

We partner with the world’s most prominent institutional pools of evergreen capital to fund companies across a variety of industries and financing needs.

What does Capital do with my data?

We take extraordinary steps to ensure all data is encrypted and kept completely confidential. Company data is reviewed only in aggregate so that we can deliver a better experience to companies. We will never share your data with other companies, or any third parties of any kind.


How it works

How do I know if I qualify?

We’ve set up a short survey to figure out if we are a mutual fit in less than 10 questions. If we are, you’ll receive an invitation to Capital within 24 hours with a secure link to The Capital Machine.

What financial information will I need to provide?

We ask for anything that provides a clear picture of your financial performance. This may include income statements, balance sheets, transactional data and capitalization tables as well as pitch decks or projection models.

What’s in my Capital Report?

In your Capital Report, you’ll receive a macro-overview of your company’s financial performance including your current cost of capital, how taking on debt and equity financing will impact your long term profits and owner/operator wealth. You’ll also receive your financing offer from Capital with a tool that helps you compare that offer to the others you have on the table.

How long does the whole process take?

After uploading financial data, we analyze that data to deliver a Capital Report and financing offer within 24 hours. Funding can be delivered into your bank account in under one week.